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Animation industry is constantly evolving and every animator should be up-to-date with the latest trends and news from this field. Nowadays animation is also used in marketing, advertising, entertaiment, and not only games or movies. Even if you are an animator or you just want to know more about animation, enjoy a cartoon, etc., animation blogs are a great source of information and education.

As an animator you must learn continuously and subscribing to certain animation blogs all new information will come to you and you will not be forced to look for them on the Internet. There are hundreds of blogs that write about animation and I thought to make a top with the most famous blogs.


top 5 animation blogs

Image source: http://www.davidmattock.co.uk/portfolio/character-animation/


Top 5 animation blogs


Here are the 5 blogs that I think any animator should read them:


1. Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew was founded in 2004 by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi and since then it delivers the latest news, trends, and ideas from world of animation. Also, they transmit the lastest information from animation empires like Disney, Pixar, etc. Beside animation you will found information about movies, TV shows, visual techniques, and more.


Cartoon Brew blog

Image source: http://whatpixel.com/images/2016/magazine-blog-sites/


2. Animation Physics


Animation Physics is a free educational resource for every animator. It offers to its readers multiple tutorials about basic animation, character animation, effects animation and lighting and visual effects by Alejandro Garcia.


Animation Physics blog

Image source: https://austinvisuals.com/10-blogs-for-aspiring-animators-from-austin-visuals-3d-animation-studio/


3. Deja View


Deja View is Andreas Deja’s blog. It is a famous animator that worked 30 years at Disney and reading its posts you will learn unique art about modern animation and plenty of techniques that can help you to became a professional animator.


Deja View blog

Image source: http://andreasdeja.blogspot.ro/


4. 11 Second Club


11 Second Club is not an usual animation website, it is a contest website that can help animators to become known in this domain. The competition consists in downloading from site an audio file and then you have to animate a character that interprets the audio. Each month is designated a winner, who will win a professional critique from Animation Mentor.


11 Second Club blog

Image source: http://www.11secondclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=18211


5. Animation World Network


Animation World Network is known as “the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet” according to its website. This blog offers a wide range of topics from the latest news, interviews, reviews, events in the field to career assistance, jobs, and more.


Animation World Network blog

Image source: http://www.awn.com/news/disney-sets-new-global-box-office-record


These blogs are a great source of information, education and inspiration for every animator that want to turn his passion for animation into a successful career.

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